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How does it Work?

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Hydrogen gas is generated through one of  the chemical processes using metallic waste material and spent acid slurry, which are cheapest  and easy available. Safety is assured by Fail Safe Design (computer assisted) and providing a fine bore opening for MHG to enter any given burning support system (Carburetor in case of Petrol Cars),  automatically/manually controlled  valves and Patented Hydrogen Gas Burning System. The system can be geared up to any capacity by introduction of computerized Instrumentation & Control. The by-product salt can be used for Industrial Application viz Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plant, Paper Industry, Electroplating and is already in use in many  medicinal Preparation  all over the world. Hence the Gas available will be  at a reduced cost ! The MHG KIT is also suitable for LPG KIT with  a few modifications. This method is far superior than any other Hydrogen Technologies e.g. Fuel Cell based Hydrogen Powered Car conceived over 30 years ago  in which Hydrogen & Oxygen are generated by Electrolysis, running an electric wheel motor. This technology is  facing economic problems worldwide because it is  energy intensive, the internal combustion engines would be added to the Non Performing Asset. The Patentee marks that this  has input of other chemicals in battery for stabilization etc.  

Three basic Applications are worked out and first 2 are demonstrated as below :

1.                  Automobile Sector

2.                  Power Sector

3.                  Agricultural Sector


Other applications are being currently worked out :

4.                  Industrial Heating/Melting

5.                  General Heating

6.                  Domestic/Cooking Gas

7.                  Gas Lantern (lamp)



1.      Automobile Sector

Today in Mumbai & New Delhi Auto-exhaust pollution contributes to over 70 % and similar figures in other metros. Hydrogen Car is the only solution as there is no pollution to air (Nox minimal due to N2 from Air) of any kind as water is the product of combustion! (even at highest speed, unlike Petrol/Diesel/LPG/CNG which emit more CO & HC when accelerated)  All that one has to do is to install MHG-KIT and run an automobile, its commercial refilling stations would be  available once the administration clears it in principle. It is about 3 times better in Calorific Value than Petrol or Diesel/LPG/CNG, hence projected kilometre average  for a given by car would be near about three times, while currently being high priced (tentatively) INR 100/kg  and prevent our further increase in Oil Pool Deficit. The MHG kit is priced at INR 17,500/- for 4 wheelers upto 2000 cc Petrol cars & INR 20,000/- for 4 wheelers (2000 to 3000 cc) Diesel vehicles. For Trucks/20-30 tonner containers at INR 25,000/- for 6 to 12 wheels Diesel vehicles. In either case petrol or Diesel the first fill of hydrogen gas, storage vessel & registration charges are not included.


The other advantages are  about  10% higher rpm/power is achieved during the same time, less noise and vibration (due to lowest density of MHG) and naturally free from Carbon, Sulphur and more notoriuos Benzene (a carcinogen) in Indian Fuels  & its compounds.

 In the first phase 3/4 wheeler automobiles LCV/MCV can be put to extensive road trials after which its commercialisation program would follow for Petrol & Diesel Cars. This MHG Technology is a boon for the Transport Sector particularly HCV :  Buses, Trucks, Tankers, Trailers and Construction Machineries e.g. Cranes, can be simultaneously worked out being few in number and availability of ample storage space. This is intended  to benefit the common man  by maintaining the priceline, particularly for Consumer Sector.

 In the second phase 2 wheelers can be adapted for operations (optimisation of storage space to be done).

2.      Power Sector (Really Captive Power)

The Plan is to generate Clean & Green Power, Project Affected Persons (PAP) = 0, The biggest advantage is that no initial auxiliary Power is required to operate the plant. The plant can be switched ON/OFF whenever  required which prevents over billing  during peak hours (due to the current high slab rate) and also prevents the depletion of fuel resources ! Thus Peak Power Demand can be easily met, such Plants would be of importance particularly in the rural areas and out

skirt of cities where there is  lot of scope for Industrial development. The local persons can be inducted and trained which will assist to solve unemployment problem to a substantial level. The Project Cost is approximated at INR 1.5 CRORES PER MEGAWATT, while one unit can be sold to Hydrogen Electricity Consumers at an appx price INR 1.50 , with appropriate security deposit in advance assuming that by-product is sold and power generated at 440 V, 3 phase, 4 wire, sinusoidal, 50 Hz  and  such plant capacity would be upto 10 MVA ( Mutliple Nos of 1 MVA), covering 440 V underground cabling over a radius upto 1km with 4 or 6 Main Distribution Boards. There after the cabling/wiring cost will be borne by the consumer. Further, the other advantages of this Hydrogen based system is that it eliminates HT/EHT (Transformers), T& D Network !  This kind of modular system can prevent  the night mare of total system breakdown endemic in our power grids.


The MHG Kit for Diesel & HFO Genset is priced at INR 7.5 LACS & INR 10 LACS respectively. Using MHG as alternate fuel to Diesel or HFO. The price per unit of energy is INR 1.50 appox. assuming sale of by products, recycling, a good working genset within first 10 years of its existing 25 years life


3.      Agriculture/Chemical & Fertilizer Sector

Water Pumping, dewatering applications for our immense Irrigation system.  MHG generated at site as a fuel eliminates liquid hydrocarbon fuel pipelines  criss-crossing geographic terrains which are prone  to earthquakes etc posing a constant threat to the Eco-system and Civilians. This real captive nature can also help to curtail subsidies particularly for the Core  & Infra structure Sector.

 The inherent advantages of Hydrogen fuel  in its economy can result in restarting  Sick  Public Sector Units/ Sick Private companies, re/employ  persons and boost industrial productivity.                    

Claims : 

1.                  MHG Technology can give 3 times the current fuel average ! for Automobile & Power Generation.

2.                  We are confident of achieving 6 times power per cylinder!!  if 4 stroke i.c engines are converted to 2 stroke with our expertise MHG Technology as fuel for both Automobile & Power generation. If DG/HFO Gensets are modified this can easily meet our Nationís Peak Power Demand indigenously !

3.                  The inter conversion/ recovery of the input metallic waste material has further enhanced the possibility of securing this venture  its rightful place in the Global Context  in the Millennium. Let us remember that  Energy saved is Energy Generated.


CAUTION :  IT IS DANGEROUS TO GENERATE & USE HYDROGEN GAS ! EVEN TO THOSE WELL ACQUAINTED WITH FACILITIES. The design parameters are the result of long years of sustained & painstaking research with over 1000 trials under strict controlled conditions. We urge not to duplicate/imitate. The concept is protected under INDIAN PATENT ACT, 1970. We do not take any responsibilities for the misuse or abuse under any pretext whatsoever after this Press Release. We have No agents anywhere.

Automobile Sector

Power Sector

Agricultural Sector





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